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One Month Online Karate Training includes a uniform

Get fit and learn how to protect yourself. We have 3 different options for training depending on your age. Tiny Tots is going to be our 4-6 year old range. We work a lot on motor skills and listening skills along with karate basics. Youth is going to be our 7-12 year old range. Here we work on more detailed skills and expand on forms and techniques. Adult is 12 and up and will have a lot of the same skills taught in the Youth courses but will also go into some more sophisticated self defenses.

Welcome to Paradise Valley School of Karate!

We have been training kids and adults for almost 40 years. Here you will find just the right 30 day trial for you. Tiny Tots will be for our 4-6 year old range and Youth & Adults will be for 7 and up. After your first month we will set you up for either in school classes or the next session of online classes!

Course Introduction

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Hi, I’m Sensei Mike Wall

I began training in karate in 1972 and I opened Paradise Valley School of Karate in 1981, almost 40 years ago. PV Karate has produced National and World Champions and has helped to teach respect, self confidence and self defense to hundred in the Valley. Join me on the mat!

Sensei Mike Wall

8th Degree in Matsumura Seito Shorin Ryu

6th Degree Ryu Kyu Kempo

6th Degree Shuri Ryu

United Stated Karate Alliance Board Member and Southwest Regional Representative

Former Staff Instructor for Master Robert Trias

First Member of the United States Karate Alliance Hall of Fame

Almost 40 years of teaching and training experience

Sensei Wall has trained all ages since 1981. He has produced some of the top competitors in the United States Karate Do Kai and the United States Karate Alliance. He doesn't just teach competition karate. He specializes in self defense!

Training for all ages and goals

From building self confidence to being a National Champion - you'll find something at PV Karate

Developing Minds and Bodies

We start kids as young as 4. This is the perfect age for most kids. We work at building coordination, self confidence and motor skills to prepare them for great things